Experience The Best Oil Diffuser: Reviews And Suggestions To Buy The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Today.

What are Oil Diffusers?

Oil Diffusers (also known as Aromatherapy or Essential Oil Diffuser) combines water and oils dispensing the aroma of the essential oils in the air, filling it with the natural fragrance vapour, making it absorb gently into the body through the respiratory system.

What are the Health benefits?

  • Relaxation/Sleep – By breathing in the air full of fragrance oil, we allow it to enter our blood stream quickly, making it ideal for finding a relaxing state of mind or getting a restful sleep after those long days.

Recommended oil – Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage

  • Breath Easier/Humidifies/Less sickness – Purifies air by an ionizing effect, where negative ions are released in the air, attaching to positive ions (dust) causing it to fall to the floor. Dry air (<30% humidity) is linked to several respiratory tract issues, as well as dry skin. Healthy humidity ranges from 40%-60%. Studies show it can help kill bacteria and fungi in the air.

Recommended oil – Thyme, Cinnamon, Clove, Peppermint

  • Uplift sprits – Having a nourishing atmosphere in your house can improve many things including your mood. It can help with stress relief, nervousness, and even promote romance.

Recommended oil – Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Sandalwood

  • Pain Relief – By the oils getting in through your blood stream it allows the body to send the oils to areas that may cause you pain; headaches, joint pain, and sore muscles are some examples.

Recommended oil – Chamomile, Ginger, Rosemary

  • Brain activity/Mental clarity – Dispensing oil is a highly effective way to help charge your brain cells. Keeping you focused on the task at hand (school or work projects).

Recommended oil – Peppermint, Lemon, Rosemary

Other benefits:

  • Safer: By using Oil Diffusers you can cut back on candles or incense. They produce a cool air mist which are safer for children and much more responsible than an open flame or heat source of an incense.
  • Make your house smell inviting – Odour can be eliminated and beautiful fragrances release an inviting aroma to your family and guests.

What diffusers do we recommend?

There are so many types and brands of diffusers to pick from.

With oil diffusers becoming more popular, there are many new brands coming out, which means it can be very difficult to find the right one!

Find the ones that work for you here:

Using a Diffuser in a bedroom/nursery (lights and noise can be turned off)

Our Picks:

  • EZO Ware – Small portable, 200ml, 7 different colours, Timer and safety shut off, Can be a Essential oil diffuser review“black out”.

Price – $

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  • Pilgrim Teo – Small portable, 110ml, Real Beech wood and ceramic, Auto stop, Silent fan, Can be a “black out”.Pilgrim Teo oil diffuser review

Price – $$$

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Using a Diffuser in large common rooms (Living room, kitchens)

Our Picks:

  • VicTsing – Large capacity, 300ml, 7 different colours, 4 different modes, 10hrs of run time, Quiet,victsing User friendly.

Price – $$

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  • Anypro – Large Capacity, 300ml, 7 Different colours, 4 different run modes, Easy to use, Aromatherapy diffuser reviewQuiet

Price – $$

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Using a Diffuser in small common rooms (Bathroom, hallways)

Our Picks:

  • Pilgrim Anton – Small in size, 140ml, 2 Base colours, 8 top colours, High quality, AutostopPilgrim Anton Oil Diffuser Review

Price – $$$

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  • VicTsing Mini – Small unit, 140ml, Simple to use, Wood grain finish, 7 different colours, 2 minidifferent base colours.

Price – $

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As you can see there are many different variations, and finding the right one for your situation is key.  These are the best rated up to this point. That doesn’t mean you need to just try these. There are many great diffusers, the important thing is to try one. Improve your overall health with this tiny change in your daily life.


Small tip: By keeping your diffuser under 300ml you can retain the oil fragrance longer, keeping more money in your pocket!

Looking for essential oils?

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We hope you found the information you needed to help you improve your life